Horatio Tucker was a native of Overton near Port Eynon and best known for his many articles on Gower history published in the South Wales Evening Post and for his lovely book Gower Gleanings published by the Gower Society in 1951 to mark the Festival of Britain.

Gower Gleanings has two chapters of particular interest to me Wreckers' Coast and Lifeboat Days. The first deals with the vessels wrecked on the stretch of coast from Oxwich past Port Eynon and Overton Mere to Paviland. Tucker sketched a wreck location chart to accompany the article and this was expertly reproduced by Robert May.


 The wreck location chart by H.M. Tucker drawn by Robert May.

(From page 41 of Gower Gleanings)


Some years ago I was given some photographs of Gower wrecks by George Owen and these accompany other articles on this site. Amongst other notes and papers were some written by Horatio Tucker, one being a sketch of wreck locations between Worm's Head and Whitford Point. The original is on tracing paper and rather feint and stained by age. Perhaps it was reproduced to accompany an article in the Evening Post but if so I have not seen it.

This sketch has one interesting error. At the bottom you will noitce Rothsey Castle 1846 to the east of the Helwick Lightship. This error has been perpetuated by a number of writers who neglected original research. The vessel was the barque Brechin Castle and she was lost with all hands in February 1847.