Old Crew Launch

The present coxswain and crew of Mumbles Lifeboat very kindly organised a launch and get together for retired members of the crew and their ladies on Saturday 20 August 2011.

The day was arranged by Richard Webborn, the second coxswain, who contacted as many former members as he could. A few were away but there was still a good turn out and we enjoyed a launch on the boat which took us through the Outer Sound then down the coast past Bracelet Bay and the Coastguard station to Rotherslade and Langland Bay. The latter is very popular with families but this day was overcast and the bay almost deserted bar a few hardy souls.

Then we passed Snaple (Langland Point), Caswell Bay and Brandy Cove before entering Pwll Du Bay. Years ago the crew practiced use of the breeches buoy in this bay when two men would be landed on the Ring Rock at high water. The line fired to them using a Schermuly pistol so that they could pull out the buoy and be "rescued". The Ring Rock has a large iron ring set into the top and dates from the time vessels from Devon called at the bay for limestone quarried from the cliffs of Pwll Du Head. The upper part of the head was known in days long past as Goonland.

On the way back to Mumbles some of the old crew took the helm though I have to admit that I steered a very erratic course.


Launch!  This is by no means as exciting as it once was as the

boat has to be lowered part way down the slipway as there is so

little clearance under the door.



The lifeboat soon leaves the slipway well behind.