Mumbles Lifeboat soon to have a new house.


The Royal National Lifeboat Institution  (RNLI)  has always called the station The Mumbles  not simply  Mumbles. The Mumbles are the two small islands off Mumbles Head, on the outer of which is the lighthouse.  The village of Mumbles was the area around what is now Village Lane. Over the last century or so much of the area of the parish of Oystermouth (which ran from Black Pill to Caswell and inland as far as Broadley Farm on the far side of Clyne Common) has become known as Mumbles. So present day Mumbles covers the areas of Blackpill, Mayals, West Cross, Norton, Oystermouth village  (around the castle and All Saints' church), and Newton.

In the days of sail The Mumbles were very well known to mariners just as Worm's Head was. Distinctive features on the shore were a very useful navigational aid.

Though the station  is correctly called The Mumbles the crew simply refer to it as Mumbles Lifeboat.

There have been three boathouses for the offshore boat and there is about to be a fourth which is nearing completion at the end of Mumbles Pier. The inshore boat originally occupied a shed of corrugated iron provided by South Wales Transport. This was replaced by the present inshore boat house which houses far better facilities.

 A start is made on the new boathouse at Mumbles pier.  The present house is to the left.

Photo taken  October 2012.