DALSERF wrecked Grassholm 1910


DALSERF wreck salvage sale

Advert in  The Tenby Observer  of 27 October 1910 announcing the sale of goods saved from the wreck.


The steamship DALSERF was registered in Glasgow and of 1,849 gross tons and 1,017 net. She sailed from Penarth on Saturday 9 July 1910 with a cargo of 2,800 tons of coal for the navy at Oban.

Off the Pembrokeshire coast speed was reduced because of thick fog. The lookout reported rocks ahead and the engines put astern but the ship struck the island of Grassholm. The crew were unable to refloat her. The master and first mate remained aboard but the rest of the crew left in the lifeboats and were taken aboard by the Admiralty steamer Alligator and then landed at Milford by a torpedo boat.

Over the next ten days hopes were high of refloating and saving the ship which had been built the year before. Much of the coal cargo was saved but the fore part of the ship was badly damaged and she broke up on 22 July. The master and mate had left the ship three days earlier.

The Board of Trade inquiry into the loss was held at Middlesborough where the ship was owned. It concluded that the master Evan Williams, a native of Aberaeron, had not navigated the vessel with "proper and seamanlike care" and he was severely censured. However as he had an excellent record for more than 12 years he was allowed to keep his certificate.

List of the crew:

Evan Williams, of Aberaeron, master; G. Oliver 1st mate, of Middlesborough; Thomas Phillips 2nd mate, Ferryside; John William Cook, chief engineer, Stockton on Tees; W. Hughes, 2nd engineer, Llanon Cardiganshire; T.W. Dillon, 3rd engineer, Cardiff; J.Holman, boatswain, Middlesborough; E.R. Lewis, steward, St Dogmaels; W. England, mess steward, Penarth.

T.Gilbertson, signalman, Swindon; M. Kavanagh, donkeyman, Penarth.

Seamen: J. Martin, Aberaeron; J. Regan, Clonakilty; H. Humbly, Cardiff; H. Badcock, Cardiff.

Firemen: T. Galvan, W. Frampton, G. Flannigan, Joseph Harris  - all of Penarth.